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This is how you pronounce OnEsel. OnEsel is online on zazzle store and you can easily get all designs by using this "onesel" keyword in search box (top right side).

OnEsel was first created with simple designs using MS-Word and MS-Paint. It was a funny try never thought easy designs and simple word will be sold. Cup Of Coffee/Tea is one of them and initial product. Later there were more sales after using vector images and high quality photographs.
Keep in touch for latest sales and some good products not only from OnEsel store but from other designers too on facebook page.

OnEsel Stores

OnEsle stores: OnEsel, OnEselGIFTS, OnEselCNC
For quick visit to store for mobile oneselcnc- Cover and Cases and oneselgifts- Gifts

Vector images

I am here creating easy vector images SVG and later submit to the market place in PNG, SVG and EPS format. These are not easy tasks to get the file ready to present to people. A single file was created by small images and final images are used on products by increasing its size up to 2000-4000 pixels or even more as needed.

Above image were repeated with more than 2000 pixels size and used in paper cup as seen in below image. See this collection Whale Print - OnEselGIFTS

Custom design

There are offers for everyone and you can save 30% and sometime more. buy onesel

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