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5 Basic Forum Ranks Free In Red And Black

Basic forum ranks image file in red and black.

5 basic forum ranks

This file contains five basic forum ranks in red and black. Well, it will work and suit on any forum but best for them which is in red/black theme.

Files: Total 10 image files. PNG: 5 (100 x 22 px) and 5 (200 x 44 px), SVG: 1 file.

The file is free to use you can even edit it. PNG images are in sized 100 and 200 width (5 in 100px and 5 in 200px wide).
SVG file included for those who can and want to edit text. The possible text would not be in form, no matter because the design was focused on image only. You can remove text and add your own style in SVG file.
Click here to download this forum ranks

Thanks for visiting and downloading.

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