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Pictures Taken From Canon SX60 HS

Some of the pictures I have clicked with canon. Some of them are good and others are not enough to consider as a quality photogrpahs. But I wouldlike to share with you few of them.

Possible this will help you choose your camera or to decide or just to motivate you too.

Below photographs are resized to near about 600px wide. Its original size can be downloaded for almost any purposes, see the link with photos.

Canon camera on Flipkart
DSLR camera on amazon

COpyright free photogrpahs

A rooster

A rooster picture, I was tryinh to put a close shot and bluring the background. I think succeed a little bit.
Similar photo of a rooster free download.

Home made cake

A home made cake. Picture took at night and wanted to experienced the shot in dark/light.
Similar photo mango for free download.

Bananas on plate

Bananas from our field. How could I forget clicking of this delicious one.
Similar photo of bananas for free download.

Pink little flower

Pink blossom. A little pink flower close shot. Enarly February of day time when I was sitting next to it.
Similar photo of flowers for free download.

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