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Logo Designed For A Marketing Forum

There were few logo work done and one is here.
My last work was a logo for a marketing board. I just submited a demo copy and my second design was selected. I had two copies for the second design, one was in color as shown below and another in black & white.

My first design was just rejected by the owner within two hours of submission. Possibly he wanted to show signs, I do not know what was the reason.

Second design is as shown below. I deleted the first one and have no copy.
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About this logo
This logo was designed in vector form to let the owner decide the size and he can use it in advertising and in other ways. He wanted a PNG file, so I sent him PNG image with medium size and I deleted the SVG file.
This image is transparent and shows the bars which indicate grow. This design is pretty simple and no extra images were used. Best for a discussion forum where no need of a large logo.


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