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Forum Ranks And Currency Buttons In EPS Format

Get this file and edit as you wish according to forum ranks and titles.
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A set of 26 currency buttons in four different colors. For any kind of work print media, shopping website or any other..This file is available in JPEG and EPS format. EPS file is editable and colors can be changed as well as it's size.

Forum Ranks are designed which are most in use. Contains 10 ranks with icons separately designed for each. Available in EPS editable format to let you decide colors and titles for each.

More vector work and designs visit here.


  1. I downloaded EPS version of this file, cause I prefer not to use JPEG, but unfortunately I could not open this file and was really sad because of this, but then I accidentally I found one nice service that very understandable explained me how to open .eps file without any extra efforts and nerves just in a few clicks!

    1. Yes, EPS files can be opened only if you have EPS editor. Most common editor is Adobe Illustrator. However there are many others free EPS and Vector image creators can do the same, Adobe Illustrator is the best for this purpose.

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